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Hybrid Battery Repair Doesn't Have to be EXPENSIVE!

Servicing Maple Grove, Osseo, Minneapolis MN and surrounding areas, Hybrid Battery Repair  is the most Affordable Hybrid battery repair and service shop in Minnesota

Hybrid vehicles are efficient, eco-friendly, reliable, and practical, but all hybrid vehicles have battery problems on occasion. At Hybrid Battery Repair, we offer professional hybrid battery services at affordable rates. You’ll save on average $1,500 over replacing with a new battery!

We repair all types of hybrid batteries. Our lead technician has 20 plus years of professional experience, we will handle your hybrid battery repair in a fast, cost-effective manner. Of course, for your protection, AAA Hybrid Battery Repair is licensed and fully insured. 

At Hybrid Battery Repair, we service clients in Maple Grove, Osseo, Minneapolis Minnesota and surrounding areas. If your battery can be fixed, rest assured, we will get you back on the road at an affordable price.  To schedule your service appointment or for more information, contact us today at 612-805-7315 or fill in out our contact form and a representative will get in touch with you.

If your hybrid car has been diagnosed with a defective battery by the dealer or mechanic, then we can help you with the repair of your hybrid battery, while saving you money.

You'll Save $1,500 OR MORE if you bring your Hybrid Battery to us for servicing!

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hybrid battery repair - hybrid battery service

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Hybrid battery repair and service

1. Scan main cpu to identify problem areas and log trouble codes


2. Remove battery pack and dismantle. Take initial service voltage measurements to identify other problem areas

Hybrid Battery Service and Repair

3. Charge and load test the remaining battery cells and candidate donor cells for integrity evaluation for predictive cell failure analysis and perform cell balancing procedure

Hybrid Battery Repair and Service

4. Perform corrosion removal process from buss links and data lines then complete rebuilding procedure

Hybrid Batter Repair and Service

5. Reinstall battery pack test drive and monitor charge voltage for individual cell blocks for balance and comparison evaluation